Steve - Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals

Steve’s solid, yet melodic bass playing is one of the key elements in the sound of Ready Steady 60s. Steve sings mostly backing vocals, but his energetic lead vocal performances on songs such as ‘Mony Mony’ are real crowd-pleasers.

‘When ‘I Feel Fine’ was released, me and David, who lived two doors away, played broomstick guitars on the backyard and we were The Beatles. (At other times we could be Roy Orbison or Georgie Fame – it varied). The music was infectious and struck a chord (boom boom); I always knew I would play in a band.’

After many years of playing rock, jazz, blues and folk music, Steve feels it’s really great to get back to those powerful songs. ‘They have stood the test of time and it’s a pleasure to be able to perform them with such an able band.’

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