Pete - Drums & Vocals

Pete’s drumming is both intricate and powerful, laying down the backbeat so important to 60s music. His high, powerful voice is well suited to songs with a rocky or soulful edge.

Pete is a veteran of the Nottingham music scene. He has played the drums, sang and played guitar in everything from garage punk rock groups to 70’s disco bands and everything in between. As a professional musician he has been in bands signed to EMI Music Publishing and worked with members of Spiritualized and Six by Seven.

Though an experienced musician, Pete was almost totally new to Sixties pop when recruited by Chris and Steve. In typical fashion he’s thrown himself into the part, listening to all the records and learning all the techniques. He engineered and produced our fabulous demo! And he can’t wait to get stuck into singing some Small Faces songs.

‘I love drumming and working on the three part harmonies with the guys has been great fun. I’ve just been blown away by the way these timeless songs move a crowd.’


Sean - Drums

Sean attended Leeds College of Music in 1985 and has never laid his sticks down since. As a professional drummer for 15 years he has played and recorded every style going: anything from 15 piece Blues Brothers soul outfits to pop and rock covers bands. He’s written and recorded a full album of original material and was signed to Sony records with the much lauded Violet Hour. In time honoured tradition Sean has travelled in the rock ‘n’ roll tour bus and loved every minute of it.

He has gigged with Steve Marriott ("what a singer - incredible"), Nils Lofgren (with half of the E Street Band) and has toured with outrageous prog rockers Marillion, playing well-known venues the length and breadth of the UK and Europe.

"Drumming with Chris and Steve is an absolute pleasure - they really know the songs - and it is always a blast. The crowds love it - and it sure is fun!"


Matt - Drums

Easily the youngest member of the band, Matt has had to learn every song from scratch!

He’s taken his research seriously and in his grooves you can hear the original beats of Ringo Starr, Chris Curtis, Mick Avory, Bobby Elliott (and many more), giving a truly authentic feel to the sound of Ready Steady 60s.

Despite a near 40 year age gap between Matt and the songs, he’s really enjoying playing the material (particular favourite – Sorrow by The Merseys). In between sets you’ll find him getting back in touch with his ‘real’ world via his mobile and other electronic gadgets!

Solid, rock steady and intuitive, we believe Matt is destined for great things. Ready Steady 60s is his first ‘real’ band and is proving to be a great apprenticeship.

An excellent all-round musician, Matt also plays keyboards and bass.

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