Mike – Drums

Rarely seen without his shades, Mike is the original cool drummer. His ready smile and affable manner bring an extra touch of geniality to the band. You’ll often find him talking to the audience between sets, getting the lowdown on everybody’s good times. He’s also the band’s unofficial photographer, capturing every venue and life ‘on the road’.

Mike’s been beating the skins since the age of 15 and has played virtually every style you can point a (drum)stick at: pipe bands, military, rock, pop, soul, blues and indie. Multi-talented, he also plays guitar.

Ask Mike what kind of drummer he is and he’ll tell you - “groove and pocket” – keeping it steady, danceable and with plenty of drive. He knows where the beat is! You’ll often see Mike singing along with the tunes; the rest of the band are sure he has a lead vocal in there just waiting to come out. (One day he will be made to sing Ringo’s "Act Naturally"!)

Mike has been in constant demand as a session and dep drummer for several years, racking up the miles and playing with a great variety of musicians - but he is happy to make Ready Steady 60s his No. 1 band!

Favourite artists: Byrds, Beatles, Stones, Small Faces

Favourite instrument: British Drum Company, Lounge Series (Carnaby Stripe) with Ludwig snare drum

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